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Crisis Stabilization, Crisis Residential, and Peer Respite Centers

Community Crisis Referrals

Amber House Crisis Stabilization and Triage



516 31st St
Oakland, CA 94609

This unit is a short-term (under 24 hours) assessment and triage unit for adults (18+) in mental health crisis. Staffing includes a nurse and social worker on every shift, and on-call psychiatry available 24/7.

Services Provided

  • Outpatient medical assessment
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Crisis de-escalation
  • Case management (discharge planning & linkage to resources)
  • All basic needs met (food, shower, clothing, bed, etc.)
  • Transport to discharge location if needed, once de-escalated

Client Eligibility

  • 18+
  • People does not meet criteria for 5150 hold (danger to self, danger to others, grave disability)
  • People is experiencing any mental health symptoms and need further support and evaluation
  • Peoples at risk of losing a placement due to escalating symptoms and need respite
  • Must have Alameda County Medi-Cal or be eligible
  • Voluntarily agree to come to the unit – We are not locked, so people can leave if they choose

Cherry Hill Detoxification Services and Sobering Center for Adults


2035 Fairmont Drive
San Leandro, CA 94578 


The Cherry Hill Detoxification Services Program consists of a sobering unit and a detox unit located on the John George Campus. During the telephone screening process, trained staff will be able to assist clients to find what you need. 

Typical stays can last from 23 hours to 4-6 days. In addition to ensuring the client’s safe withdrawal our staff will work with each client to assess the clients’ needs and goals. The client is then referred to the appropriate level of treatment and supportive services which may include, housing, medical or psychiatric services or job training.

Sally’s Place



Sally’s Place is a short-term non-clinical crisis support program operating 24 hours per day. This program is voluntary and in order to be eligible a client must be at least 18 years of age, reside in Alameda county, and be experiencing mental health concerns/distress or struggling with substance use. 

Willow Rock Center


2050 Fairmont Drive
San Leandro, CA 94578


For 12-17 year-old clients:

WRC provides psychiatric crisis stabilization and initial psychiatric treatment for adolescents’ age 12-17 who have limited or no insurance, or who are referred by Kaiser. Willow Rock is located on the John George Campus. The acute Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) provides a safe, therapeutic, secure inpatient environment for adolescents experiencing a mental health emergency. Services can be provided on a voluntary or involuntary basis and link individuals with ongoing care in the community. READ MORE

Mental Health First – Oakland

510-999-9641 (Call or Text)

Sat & Fri
8AM – 8PM

MH First Oakland is a program of Anti-Police Terror Project. A cutting-edge new model for non-police response to mental health crisis. The goal of MH First is to respond to mental health crises including, but not limited to, psychiatric emergencies, substance use support, and domestic violence situations that require victim extraction.

John George Psychiatric Hospital for Adults


2060 Fairmont Drive
San Leandro, CA 94578


The hospital is committed to a multi-disciplinary team approach in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute psychiatric illnesses. As part of the Alameda Health System network, we are committed to providing the human touch in offering affordable, world-class care. READ MORE

Bay Area Community Services (BACS) Wellness Centers



Drop in centers that provide peer support, case management, and immediate medication needs. A psychiatrist is at one location each day of the week. READ MORE

510-427-8235 Hedco Wellness Center (Hayward) 
510-484-8457 South County Wellness Center (Fremont)
925-484-8457 Valley Wellness Center (Pleasanton)
510-658-9480 Towne House Wellness Center (Oakland)

Sausal Creek Stabilization Clinic


2620 26th Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601
*In Fruitvale Area, cross street is E. 27th street

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

Services Provided

  • Outpatient medical assessment 
  • Mental health evaluation
  • Crisis de-escalation
  • Case management (discharge planning & linkage to resources)
  • All basic needs met (food, shower, clothing, bed, etc.)
  • Transport to discharge location if needed, once de-escalated

Client Eligibility

Medication Clinic

  • Adults ages 18+ referred by Alameda County ACCESS
  • Not currently experiencing a medical emergency
  • Must have Medi-Cal or HealthPAC

Walk-In Services

  • Adults ages 18+ who are residents of Alameda County
  • Walk-in services available for residents who have Medi-Cal, HealthPAC, or who are already enrolled in the program
  • Must have a photo ID
  • Services are provided on a limited basis
  • Must have a chronic, serious mental illness
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