Meet the Helpers: Faces of 988

Here are some of the people who are part of the Alameda County crisis support network. They make up the team who answers the 988 calls, visit community members on the mobile crisis teams, or who staff a crisis clinic.

I work to serve our community members in crisis because I care. I care for those experiencing challenging life circumstances. I care for those who are marginalized and systematically oppressed. I care for those who are experiencing overwhelming hopelessness. I care for the well-being and mental health of our community. Volunteering as a crisis counselor has enabled me to give back to the community where I live and has been a remarkably gratifying and humbling experience.
Dom A., Crisis Line Counselor

I want people experiencing crisis, mental health struggles, and SI to feel heard without judgement. I have experienced crisis and SI myself, and I think it is human to need to be heard.

– Shae Burnette – Crisis Counselor

We are the change that we are looking for! I feel connected to this work because the right to heal & feel cared for is a human right.

KMA – Crisis Line & Hospital Follow-up Supervisor

I believe everyone deserves to be assisted especially when someone is facing a crisis or needs help. We are all human and we all have needed someone to be there for us at one point in our lives.

– Marsh, Crisis Line Counselor

I love this community! I want to ensure folks feel seen, heard, and like they matter. Because THEY DO!

Yolanda Carcamo – Crisis Line Supervisor

I work to serve our community members in crisis because accountability is a strength, not a weakness. Being able to recognize something in myself allows me to extend grace when I see it in others.

– Coraima Delgado, Crisis Line Counselor