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Mobile Crisis Team

Mobile Crisis Teams

Mobile Crisis Teams perform:

  • Emergency crisis assessment/intervention services conducted in the field
  • Early intervention before situation escalates to critical crisis point
  • Consultation services provided to consumers, housing/support systems, mental health providers, and other concerned parties
  • Assistance with linkage to outpatient mental health services
  • 5150 evaluation capacity and determination of appropriate level of care

Alameda County Mobile Crisis Team

8AM – 6 PM

(510) 891-5600 MCT Headquarters: Ask for the ON-DUTY Clinician

*two clinician model – police may come out to make sure the environment is safe



(510) 790-6800 or 510-337-8340 Alameda PD Non-Emergency: Ask for the CARES Team. READ MORE

*fire department first responders – police may come with or before the CARES team to make sure the environment is safe – but will stay in the background

Alameda (city)

Berkeley Mobile Crisis Unit

Sun-Mon, Wed-Fri
11:30AM – 10PM

(510) 981-5900 Berkeley Non-Emergency Police 

(510) 981-5254 If you are having difficulty reaching Mobile Crisis Unit or want to leave a message

*two clinician model


BART – Crisis Intervention Specialists

7 days week

510 464-4000 BART Police Dispatch

*one Crisis Intervention Specialists and one BART Police officer


BART Property – Trains, Tracks, and Stations

CATT – Community Assessment and Transport Team

7 Days/week

911 – Request the CATT Team

* one Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and one Behavioral Health Clinician


Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward
*CATT will respond to neighboring cities depending on the availability of teams and if the team is not more than 30 minutes away from the call location as set by EMS. This allows CATT to respond to every city within Alameda county.

Fremont Mobile Evaluation Team


(510) 790-6800 Fremont PD Non-Emergency: Ask for the MET Team *police officer and clinician model READ MORE

Fremont (city)

Oakland MACRO Program

*not receiving calls at this time

*MACRO Team members respond without the police. They are part of the fire department. They do everything they can not to call Oakland PD, but may need to to help make the environment safe.

East Oakland and West Oakland